The Golden Age of Airport Restaurants | NY Times

In recent years, as airlines around the world have cut back on in-flight food, a wave of business-savvy chefs have given rise to the golden age of airport dining. Want Champagne and caviar? Take a seat at the Petrossian bar at LAX. Have a taste for...

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The Best Spots To Eat At SFO, By Terminal

Getting out of town for the long weekend and headed to SFO? We wouldn't want you to fly on an empty stomach — and you already know there will be nothing tasty or cheap to eat on the airplane — so we've compiled a list of ideal spots to fill your tummy and...

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35 Best Airport Restaurants Around the World

Christmas is a time for celebration and being with your loved ones, but for many of us Christmas also means a hectic day (or days) of traveling. Like Thanksgiving, Christmas is one of the worst times of the year to travel, as airports across the world get...

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