Best restaurants in the 10 busiest U.S. airports

San Francisco International Airport: Napa Farms Market has everything you’d need while popping in and out of SFO: Napa wine, locally made artisanal treats, fresh pizzas, baked goods and more. Read more: Best restaurants in the 10 busiest U.S....

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Airport Food That’s Actually Good

Once a well-deserved punch line, airport cuisine is undergoing a major renaissance. High-profile chefs, local street food purveyors, and award-winning cocktailers are checking in at the once humble concourse. JS contributor Emily Saladino explores the...

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This App Makes Eating at SFO Sort Of Great

Passport: check. Ticket: check. Exotic-bird-sounds playlist: yes. Piping-hot sesame-crusted ahi tuna with wasabi and a cold good beer: let’s work on that… Starting with AirGrub, a new app that lets you order good food on your way to the airport and has...

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