The Best Spots To Eat At SFO, By Terminal

Aug 27, 2014

Getting out of town for the long weekend and headed to SFO? We wouldn’t want you to fly on an empty stomach — and you already know there will be nothing tasty or cheap to eat on the airplane — so we’ve compiled a list of ideal spots to fill your tummy and kill time (i.e. get drunk). SFO has some of the best restaurants of any airport in America, but you’re somewhat limited by the terminal, so we’ve broken it down that way to make it easy (no need to go through security multiple times just to find a good meal). Safe travels and send a postcard to

Terminal 2
You’ll have plenty of choices in Terminal 2, the bright and shiny new home of Virgin America and a bastion of pretty much the bougie-est collection of San Francisco-esque airport food ever. If you’re hanging out here for a few hours, you’re in great shape. The Plant Cafe is there slinging veggie burgers and solid meal-sized salads if you’re aiming for something healthy (and yes, avocado on everything is definitely healthy!). Lark Creek Grill is there if you want red meat and a stiff drink. Vino Volo is a nice spot for a pre-flight wine tasting, a.k.a. a good place to drink an overpriced bottle of something tasty, sure to help with your in-flight coma. There’s Cat Cora for hearty comfort items like lobster mac ‘n’ cheese and stiff cocktails; Wakaba for sushi and sake (and hot items, too), and stalwart Bay Area chains like Burger Joint and Andale(which you can also find in the International Terminal and Terminal 3, respectively).

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