SFO → OMG: Napa Farms Market Ranked 4th Best Airport Restaurant in the World

Nov 25, 2013

Hot on the heels of being named the greatest food city in human history, San Francisco has nabbed another distinction: Napa Farms Market at SFO is officially the fourth-best airport dining destination in the world, and second in America. (Austin’s Salt Lick edged us out, and there’s no shame in that because that place is cray. Copenhagen was tops overall.)

Terminal 2’s sustainable and largely local and organic food court lacks a website, because it’s not a single business — nor is it a farmers’ market per se. Instead, Napa Farms Market is basically a repository of many of the brands people love to eat in the Bay Area: Acme Bread, Kara’s Cupcakes, Cowgirl Creamery, and Tyler Florence Rotisserie. There’s a Live Fire Pizzeria (hello, muffalatta!) and Vino Volo, too. And considering that air-fare is so expensive to begin with, the prices aren’t particularly exorbitant. Hence the global admiration, apparently.

The irony of airport dining — and this goes for SFO’s always-well-curated museum, too — is that it’s really meant for travelers with long layovers or unanticipated delays. Most folks whose flight actually leaves from SFO just want to get there, get on the plane, order a glass of wine, and hope there’s no screaming infant on board. But if you’re one of those anxious flyers who arrives at the gate three hours early, this is the best option to soothe those nerves.

And if you’re not flying to Austin, make every effort to fly through it sometime, and eat BBQ at the Salt Lick!

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